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Audio: Long-Time Guest on Virginia Trumpster Radio Calls for Violent Overthrow of Government, Goes on Racist Tirade, Claims Israel and Its U.S. Supporters Control Media and Congress


Yes, this extremist nutjob goes on Virginia-based The John Fredericks Show all the time.

First, former Virginia Trump campaign chair John Fredericks claims that right-wing-owned “GoDaddy” took down Michael Scheuer’s website “because they don’t like his website”

Next, Fredericks’ frequent guest, Michael Scheuer, goes on an unhinged tirade – advocates violence, goes on a racist tirade, claims whatever Russia did in 2016 was a “minimal problem,” also that Israel and its U.S. supporters control the media and Congress:

The last three pieces I published were one was that if Trump doesn’t take care of the corruption and the attempt to overthrow this government and the censorship and the violation of our rights the Declaration of Independence provides the outlet for the American people and it describes it not as a responsibility but as a duty to kill those who are trying to impose tyranny. Apparently GoDaddy doesn’t believe that. They believe that Americans should let tyranny be imposed on them.

The second piece was a piece where I said Obama is in Africa, speaking in South Africa, and didn’t say a word about the fact that blacks are murdering white South African farmers to kill or to get their land and for the pleasure of killing them. So apparently GoDaddy believes that it’s perfectly fine for blacks to kill whites anywhere in the world. And as I speak, I’m sorry but I forgot the last one that I wrote. But I got a message that said because you’re spamming and abusing we’re taking your site down and don’t contact us because we’re not going to respond to you. And that that is the long and the short of it.

…Clearly GoDaddy is a completely unAmerican organization…

…The third article dealt with the fact that whatever the Russians did, if there was an intervention in our elections or not or collusion or not, it was a minimal problem. And then I said if this opens the door to anything it opens the door to the fact that the Israelis and their supporters in the United States have been subverting our elections for years, have bribed and now control most of the US Congress most of the 535 people in it — and the media. And I said if there was going to be an investigation of foreign manipulation that’s where it should start.

Fredericks then lavishes Scheuer with praise, noting that he’s been coming on his radio show for 8 years, that he’s “a very noted author,” that “I value what you say you’re you
have definite insight and analysis that no one else has ” (hahahahaha) and agrees with Scheuer that the folks at GoDaddy “are like the thought police.” So yeah, that’s Trumpster radio for ya…

P.S. This guy reminds of Catherine “Ballot Box or Bullet Box” Crabill.


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