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BREAKING: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Issues “Stop Work Order” on “All Portions” of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline [UPDATED: FERC Partially Approves MVP Stabilization Plan]


Why does significant news – bad or good – regarding the Mountain Valley Pipeline and/or Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) always seem to come on Friday evenings? In this case, it’s good news regarding the ACP, albeit not the ultimate good news of this idiotic/misbegotten project being canceled. As the Charleston Gazette-Mail reports: “One week after the federal government tapped the brakes on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission made the same decision about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, ordering a stop-work order Friday evening. In a letter to Dominion Energy, the company building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, FERC ordered a halt to construction of the 600-mile-long, $5.5 billion project.”

See below for the entire letter, the operative paragraph of which is as follows:

“Atlantic and Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc. (DETI) are hereby notified that construction activity along all portions of the ACP and Supply Header Project and in all work areas must cease immediately, with the exception of any measures deemed necessary by appropriate agencies such as NPS and the U.S. Forest Service, or by FERC staff to ensure the stabilization of the right-of-way and work areas.”

UPDATED Saturday AM with Partial Approval of MVP Temporary Stabilization Plan


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