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Much Higher Quality Video from Yesterday’s State Water Control Board Meeting


Thanks to David Martin for the much higher quality video from yesterday’s State Water Control Board meeting in Richmond. Unlike the live stream I watched a bit yesterday, the audio on this is much clearer, and the video is better too. Check it out. Also note that, in the end, the State Water Control Board voted narrowly (4-3) against opening things up to potentially modifying or revoking Virginia’s certification of the permits to build the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines. The Board did unanimously pass a basically toothless resolution about enforcement of state environmental standards, for what that’s worth…

P.S.  From Mara Eve Robbins: “A great summary from Trish L McLawhorn: ‘Construction has been halted on major stretches of the MVP. While these stop work orders have been in place for nearing two weeks, we are finding that they are still working beyond the stabilization plans and DEQ and the SWCB has done nothing to assure water quality standards are maintained. Today’s hearing ended with a motion passed to hold another hearing on September 20th, at which time the DEQ must provide to the Board additional assurances that water quality standards will be maintained via stricter enforcement measures, oversight and increasing effectiveness in complaint response. Pretty much, they asked them to do their job… which they clearly have not done thus far, nor do we expect them to do. No reasonable assurances. We are not holding our breath because, well, as you know… this simply cannot be done!! Short of them ‘putting their bodies in the way like logs to contain the sediment’ as Tammy Belinsky stated earlier today, there is no reason to expect any change by DEQ.'”

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