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Video: Dave Brat Really REALLY Doesn’t Want to Say If He’s Supporting Corey Stewart for Senate


This is becoming an amusing genre in and of itself – Virginia Republicans dodging, weaving, running away, and otherwise trying as hard as they possibly can not to answer when asked whether or not they support Corey Stewart, the neo-Confederate nutter on top of their ticket this year. Now, on the one hand I can’t really blame them for not wanting to say, as politically speaking it’s a no-win or them: say “yes, I DO support Corey Stewart,” and risk losing the huge percentage of voters who aren’t Corey fans; or say “no, I do NOT support Corey Stewart,” and risk pissing off/alienating/demoralizing their far-right “base.”

What to do? What to do? As you can see from the following video, what Dave Brat does is almost literally run away from the person asking him, while pretending not to hear the question, that he’s in a big rush to leave, etc. It’s totally pathetic, of course, but it actually might be a step UP from Brat’s rambling, nonsensical non-answer back in July, when he was asked the same question and went on some weird discourse about fascism, socialism, “clickbait,” “personality drama,” being a follower of “the systematic theology of Martin Luther King,” etc. Yeah, I know…who the hell has any clue what Brat is ever talking about. Fortunately, on November 6, there’s a far superior alternative (Abigail Spanberger), someone who will make the 7th CD proud and not an extremist buffoon like Brat. Just 71 days to go…

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