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Audio: Pressed for Answers on #Petitiongate Fraud Scandal, Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02) Claims He’s “Baffled,” Can’t “Go Into Details”


Nice job by radio host John Fredericks – and for any right wingnuts out there who want to claim media bias or whatever b.s., note that Fredericks is a YUGE Trumpster – who TRIES valiantly to pin down Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02) on “petitiongate” [note: for more on this story, see hereherehere, here and here]. So what’s Taylor’s (non-)response? Did he know what his staff was up to or not? If the former, then he could be in BIG trouble. If the latter, then what, he’s not in control of his own staff?

With that, check out the following short snippet, or you can listen to the entire interview here, in which the following exchange occurs. As you listen, think to yourself: does Scott Taylor sound like someone who has nothing to hide or what???

P.S. Note that attorney Marc Elias tweeted on Saturday, “Bottom line: The scope of the fraud is growing. Scott Taylor has so far refused to offer a full explanation of his role in this scheme–perhaps because of the ongoing criminal investigation. The GOP, which is usually quick to proclaim fraud, remains silent.”


Fredericks: So I get back to this question, why would you have four of your staffers spending three days of your time rather than working on…

Taylor (cuts off Fredericks): John, I know you want to hear all about this, but it’s not appropriate or me to go into details. I’m sorry.

Fredericks: Alright, can I just ask you this – were you aware of this strategy?

Taylor: Yeah, I’m already on the record that I was aware of it. Of course, I was never aware of anything that would be illegal, nor would I approve of that ever. Like I said, getting signatures, it’s so easy NOT to screw up, you know…it’s make no…I’m baffled by the whole thing, quite frankly. But I’m on the record saying I was aware, yeah.

Fredericks: So why wouldn’t you just have told your staff, we’re not getting involved in this, let Shaun Brown get her own signatures, work on my campaign.

Taylor (cuts Fredericks off again): John… I know what you’re trying to get, that’s your job, but, like, that’s all I have to say about it.

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