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Video: “Morning Joe” Rips “Tough Southern Boy” “Poseur” Corey Stewart; People Like Him Are “Always the Worst”

Corey Stewart "comes from Minnesota and he's trying to play tough southern boy...he should go back."


Check out the following video of “Morning Joe” ripping the pathetic “poseur,” neo-Confederate Corey Stewart. As Joe Scarborough says, “[Transplants from northern states] are always the worst…’hey, I’m a rebel’.” “He comes from Minnesota and he’s trying to play tough southern boy…he should go back.” “There have been a small segment of ‘know nothings’ who have been saying ignorant things about immigrants coming to this country for over 240 years.” “If we had Donald Trump’s and Corey Stewart’s view of America, then you wouldn’t have had Steve Jobs over here…the founder of Google over here, the founder of Yahoo over here, the founder of…EBay over here…even Albert Einstein may have ended up in a Nazi concentration camp with Donald Trump’s view on immigration.”

By the way, does this remind you of George Allen or what? Remember, the guy who grew up in the south…of California? Yet fancied himself as a “cowboy,” Confederate, etc. And of course, both Allen and Stewart were nominees of the Virginia GOP multiple times. Any further questions about this FUBAR party?


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