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Video: NOVA Dem Grassroots Event Kicks Off Effort to Raise $96k by Next June and To Win Back the General Assembly in 2019!


Excellent event today on Lake Barcroft, put on by Virginia Democracy Forward, We of Action (WofA), Network Nova & Nope Neighbors. Among the many attendees were a bunch of Democratic elected officials (Del. Rip Sullivan, Del. Alfonso Lopez, Del. Kaye Kory, Del. Mark Levine, Del. Wendy Gooditis, Sen. Barbara Favola, Sen. Adam Ebbin) and candidates (Lucero Wiley, Kyle Green, Dan Helmer, Joshua Cole) and tons of grassroots activists (e.g., Luisa Buyarski (VA Grassroots Coalition), Chris Le Menestrel (VADF), Stair Calhoun (Network NOVA), Jessica Mott (key lead for VA Blue Wave 2019 fundraising effort., …).

In her intro, Jessica Mott talked about the goal of raising $96,000 by the June 2019 primaries, “so we need everyone to reach out to their individual friends to make this go viral.” To donate, by the way, click here, and help “support nominees in 20 Delegate districts and six State Senate districts that Democrats need to hold or flip in 2019.” The ultimate goal, of course, is to take back the House of Delegates and State Senate next year.

Del. Sullivan stressed the need to keep the energy we felt in 2017, that helped us pick up 15 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, going in November 2018 and then into 2019 here in Virginia.  The goal in November 2018 is to pick up as many House of Representatives seats as possible, and the goal in November 2019 is to win back the Virginia General Assembly and pass some great progressive legislation for a change.


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