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Barbara Comstock Fails to Stand with Assaulted Women; Stands By Her Man, Brett Kavanaugh


Barbara Comstock and Brett Kavanaugh have a long, dirty, damaging history together. For some quarter century, the two of them have been part of a DC cabal working diligently to diminish the quality of political discourse in support of extreme partisan Republican politics. Forget “draining the swamp” – they ARE the swamp. Not surprisingly, Comstock was fast out of the pack to announce support for Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

With mounting credible accusations that Kavanaugh is guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault, and deepening documentation that has has a high school and university partying record that would make Animal House proud, Comstock has failed to live up to her self-proclaimed status as protector of woman and advocate of the sexually harassed and assaulted.

Comstock’s failure to stand up for the assaulted women, another example of her rampant hypocrisy in action, has gained national attention, with articles in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Washington Post.

When given a chance to stand, forcefully, with women coming forward with credible sexual assault claims even when facing (literally) death threats, Barbara Comstock is standing with her man, accused sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh, and her man who nominated Kavanaugh, accused sexual assaulter Donald Trump.

For a summary of what the national press is seeing and reporting, here are excerpts from the Wexton campaign’s press release:

Washington Post: “Rep. Comstock Declines To Say If She Believes Her Friend Kavanaugh’s Accusers”

LEESBURG – Today Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s refusal to take a firm stance on one of the most important issues of the day became national news. Stories at the Washington Post and the New York Times scrutinized Comstock’s longtime friendship with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and her refusal to speak out on allegations against him. Kavanaugh now stands accused of sexual misconduct by three different women.

As the Post notes, “Comstock has declined to say whether she believes Kavanaugh’s accusers or if she thinks the FBI should investigate the claims.”

The New York Times also wrote about Comstock’s contradictory position on the issue:

Representative Barbara Comstock, has called Mr. Kavanaugh a good friend; the two were Republican staff members working toward the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Ms. Comstock has also cast herself as a champion of victims of sexual misconduct

“Barbara Comstock is holding her old friend, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to a much lower standard than the one she set for members of the opposing party,” Ms. Wexton, a state senator, said. “Given the growing number of allegations against Kavanaugh, Comstock’s silence is an unacceptable failure of leadership.”

Comstock’s refusal to hold her old friend Kavanaugh to the same standard she previously set on other leaders accused of sexual assault comes despite Boston Globe interviews with VA-10 voters, who vented their frustration on her refusal to take a firm position:

Rhonda Stutzman, a piano teacher shopping for groceries amid the sprawl of this Washington suburb … accused Senate Republicans of having “blinders” on in their quest to push through Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation and expressed disappointment that her own congresswoman, Republican Barbara Comstock, had not stood up to them.”

This is an important moment for women,” said Sheila Singleton, a Democrat and retired federal employee as she shopped in an outlet mall in Leesburg the other day. “We need to be heard.”

And it is something undecided voters are keeping at the forefront of their minds.

Of course it’s going to influence my decision,” said Marina Molnar, 39, a registered nurse who leans Democratic but has yet to make up her mind on the race. “I think it’s important how people react, with the allegation.”

Comstock previously made her advocacy on #MeToo issues central to her reelection argument, running ads touting her leadership. Asked Friday if she thought Ford was being treated appropriately, Comstock answered, “I’m not sure.” Senator Wexton has made her position clear.

See the full Washington Post story here.


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