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New VA-10 Poll Finds Barbara Comstock WILDLY Out of Step Regarding Trump, Gun Violence Prevention Policy


Last night, news broke that:

“An influential Democratic House super PAC is cancelling nearly $1 million in ad buys in Virginia’s 10th district, signaling that Democrats are increasingly bright eyed about their chances of ousting Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.)…The move by [House Majority PAC] suggests that Democrats are optimistic about Virginia state Sen. Jennifer Wexton’s chances of defeating Comstock in November and may be looking to shift resources to other areas.”

So increasingly, the political career of a Congressperson who votes 98% with Donald Trump is looking super shaky. Now comes more polling evidence, from Public Policy Polling, indicating why that might be the case. A few key findings from this new poll include:

  • Trump has a godawful, 40%-56% (negative 16-point) approval rating in VA-10. This is clearly NOT good news for someone like Barbara Comstock, who votes an eye-popping 98% in lockstep with Trump. Also, this is clearly NOT what VA-10 voters want from their Congressperson.
  • On the important issue of preventing gun violence, Comstock – one of the top recipients of NRA blood money – is also WILDLY out of step with voters in her district. For starters, VA-10 voters OVERWHELMINGLY (88%-9%) support requiring background checks before the sale of any gun.
  • As for the type of candidate VA-10 voters would be more or less likely to vote for, it’s also unambiguous that VA-10 voters are more likely (by a 73%-17% margin) to vote for a candidate who wants ” to require background checks before the sale of any gun.”
  • On other gun-related issues, VA-10 voters overwhelmingly (65%-28%) support “a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines”; again overwhelmingly (73%-13%) support “allowing law enforcement, close family members, and others who believe a person may be a danger to themselves or others to ask a court to temporarily remove firearms and prohibit that person from buying or possessing a gun while they are in crisis“; overwhelmingly (77%-15%) think arming teachers is a worse idea than using federal school funding for “mental health programs, drug and violence prevention services, and health and physical education”; etc.

The bottom line is that on gun violence prevention policy, as on SO many other issues, Barbara Comstock isn’t just out of sync with VA-10 voters, she’s basically on a different planet. In stark contrast, on issue after issue, Democratic nominee Jennifer Wexton is on the same page as VA-10 voters. On November 6, I urge every VA-10 voter to cast their ballot for the candidate, in this case Jennifer Wexton, who is with you on the issues and not 98% in lockstep with Trump and the NRA.



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