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Video: Comstock and Her Allies Must Think VA-10 Voters Are Complete Idiots. Their Latest Ad Is Beyond Stupid, Not to Mention Massively FALSE.

Among other problems, Jennifer Wexton wasn't even in the General Assembly when the 2013 tax vote was taken


You really can’t get any “more stupider” – utterly clueless – than this new ad by Barbara Comstock’s pals at the NRCC. Seriously, do they think that VA-10 voters are complete idiots or what? OK, don’t answer that question! LOL But yeah, let’s count the stupid:

1) to the extent “Richmond treats Northern Virginia like a giant ATM,” I’d point out that “Richmond” – aka, the Virginia General Assembly – has been controlled or at least heavily influenced by Republicans since the the late 1990s; 2) as for “forcing us to subsidize the rest of the state,” I’d note that we are after all a COMMONwealth, but I guess Comstock and her national Republican pals don’t understand that concept; 3) as for the “largest tax hike in Virginia history,” they’re talking about HB2313 back in 2013, whose Chief Patron was Republican House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell (hard-right “R”), whose Chief Co-Patron was hard-right Del. Tim Hugo, and whose other patrons included a slew of right wingers (Terry Kilgore, Jackson Miller, Tag Greason, etc.); 3a) note that Jennifer Wexton wasn’t even in the General Assembly in 2013 – Republicans have no shame whatsoever; 4) also note that the final vote on HB2313 was 64-35 in the House of Delegates and 25-15 in the State Senate (both of those votes saw lots of Republicans voting “yea”) and was signed into law by REPUBLICAN Governor Bob McDonnell; 5) the ad conflates the 2013 Republican tax law with I-66 tolls, and also manages to completely ignore the fact that I-66 tolling has generally been a big success.

As for blaming any or all of this on Jennifer Wexton, it’s beyond stupid, blatantly false, and really shouldn’t even be allowed to run on TV because of complete lack of truth in advertising. Let’s just hope that on November 6, VA-10 voters utterly reject this allacious slime and vote in droves for Jennifer Wexton over lying liar Barbara Comstock (the same person who votes 98% with Trump yet laughably claims to be an “independent voice” – hahahaha!) and her lying liar national Republican BFFs.


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