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BREAKING: Washington Post Endorses “Upbeat, Studious, Decent” Tim Kaine; Rips Corey Stewart as a “Disgrace”


I don’t normally highlight corporate media endorsements, but this one of Tim Kaine by the Washington Post is frankly too good to resist! Here are a few highlights that every Virginian should keep in mind as they vote to reelect Tim Kaine in a massive landslide on 11/6.

  • Kaine “has run a campaign in keeping with the reputation he gained previously as a city council member, mayor, lieutenant governor and governor: upbeat, studious, decent, intellectually nimble and issue-oriented to the point of wonkiness.”
  • Kaine “is a credit to Virginia and to the Senate,” with a “no-nonsense work ethic” that has “translated into a creditable list of legislative achievements — including the 17 bills he sponsored or co-sponsored that have been signed into law by Mr. Trump.”
  • In STARK contrast, Corey Stewart is a “disgrace” who “has run a campaign based largely on the politics of resentment, using angry, racially coded appeals, provocations and, in recent weeks, outright slander.”
  • And, almost needless to say, “it is impossible to imagine Mr. Stewart, given his penchant for partisan venom, forging partnerships with Democrats or working constructively to craft legislation,” as “[p]rovocation and sloganeering, not the hard work of positive, detail-oriented solutions, have been Mr. Stewart’s stock in trade.”

Given all that, is this election the “no brainer” of all no brainers? It’s certainly hard to think of a starker choice than this election – and one in which it’s more urgent that Virginians send a clear message to the rest of the nation that we do not, in any way/shape/form, tolerate the viciousness, demagoguery, xenophobia, science denial and all-around idiocy represented by the disgraceful candidacy of Corey Stewart. While we’re at it, we should also send a message more broadly, to the entire Virginia Republican Party, that we hold them 100% responsible for their “disgrace” of a U.S. Senate candidate, by rejecting ALL of their candidates, up and down the ballot. Maybe if we all do that, the Virginia Republicans will learn their lesson and move back from the extremist fringes and fever swamps to being a sane, normal party once again.


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