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Save Social Security and Medicare, Vote Democratic on 11/6!


I am sorry for ruining your day, but I need to make you very worried.

Republicans want to steal our Social Security and Medicare. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that cancelling these essentials in the lives of seniors are on his chopping block. After passing a tax-cut bill that favors mostly the rich but will add nearly $200 trillion to our national “IOU” over the next ten years, Mitch now says that our debt is too high and we’ve got to cut spending.

1- My wife paid FICA taxes her entire working life based on a government promise that it would pay her an annuity when she retired. Republicans want to break that promise. [As a retired Federal employee, I have a pension separate from Social Security.]

2- My wife and I paid into Medicare since the program’s inception, based on the Government promise that we would have affordable healthcare when we retired. (In addition, we pay monthly premiums now for Medicare.) Republicans want to break that promise.

3- Were it not for my wife’s Social Security benefit, we would be unable to have a decent standard of living in retirement. Were it not for Medicare, we would have been forced into bankruptcy by medical expense in recent years.

But, Republicans don’t care about promises. Nor do they care about the country’s seniors. They just want to affect wealth distribution from us elders to corporations and rich individuals.

There is only one way, you can save Social Security and Medicare. You need to vote for Democrats in November. You need to reelect Tim Kaine to the Senate to fight against Mitch’s plan. You need to reelect Donald McEachin to the House in the 4th District and elect Abigail Spanberger in the 7th District. [Or the Democratic candidate in your Congressional district]. If Democrats can win control of the House of Representatives, McConnell’s Social Security-Medicare theft can be blocked.

You need to vote as if your future depends on it, because it does.


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