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VIDEO: VA05 Far-Right “Freedom Caucus” Wannabe Denver Riggleman Declares, “I do not believe healthcare is a basic human right.”

"A student asked about tackling sexual assault on campus, and Riggleman said 'it starts by educating females.'"


Yep, Denver Riggleman is as right wingnutty and extreme as they come. I’ll post the full video if/when I can find it, but CBS19 certainly doesn’t make it easy…

UPDATE Looks like CBS19 doesn’t allow embedding of their videos for whatever reason. Sigh. Anyway, to watch, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Also see below for a few of Denver Riggleman’s most batsh**-crazy answers…on health care supposedly NOT being a fundamental human right (!!!), Riggleman’s laughable – in fact, the audience DOES laugh at him – answer on the far-right, extremist “Freedom Caucus,” and Riggleman’s brain-dead/crazy answer on science and climate change (especially in light of yesterday’s dire, urgent IPCC report on the need for transition off of fossil fuels on an emergency basis).


Denver Riggleman leans into Freedom Caucus positions during 5th district Congressional Debate

Charlottesville, VA – After a night of stunning quotes from Denver Riggleman, the contrast between Leslie Cockburn and her opponent for congress in Virginia’s 5th district was once again on stark display. Leslie summarily won the 5th debate at the Piedmont Virginia Community College this evening by sharing her plans for affordable healthcare, stronger public education, and better infrastructure in the 5th district.

On healthcare, Denver Riggleman stated, “I do not believe healthcare is a basic human right.” Leslie Cockburn forcefully asserted that healthcare is a basic human right. Leslie went on to detail the dysfunctional healthcare system in the 5th district and United States, and the toll the Trump Administration’s policies are taking on struggling American families. Not only will Leslie strengthen the Affordable Care Act, but she will fight for Medicare for All.

Denver also came out against Net Neutrality. In contrast, Leslie detailed the need for strong net neutrality protections to ensure a free internet and the free and equal exchange of ideas. Without Net Neutrality corporations have undue influence on our most critical information resource.

When asked how he would address the issue of sexual assault, Denver Riggleman rejected a commonsense proposal to strengthen protections around individuals in the military who come forward after an assault. Most striking, Denver placed the burden to solve college campus sexual assault on the women who are victims of assault.

His radical positions on healthcare, net neutrality, and women are just three of the many extremist views espoused by Riggleman. Throughout the night, Denver was repeatedly reduced to one-word answers, betraying a lack of preparation for, knowledge of, or interest in the questions posed by the panelists and PVCC students. Also notable was the lack of support Denver received in the room. Each campaign received a total of 100 tickets. The Cockburn campaign filled every seat while Riggleman’s seats were notably empty.

“Denver said tonight, ‘I can join the freedom caucus and vote the way I want.’ That’s true, because as he emphasized again and again tonight, the way he wants to vote is with the Freedom Caucus,” said Cockburn Communications Director Cooper Patterson. “Denver believes in advancing corporate interests at the expense of voters in the 5th district and throughout the United States. Leslie Cockburn is determined to deliver affordable healthcare, repair our crumbling infrastructure, protect our workers, and make sure that every student in the 5th district has a path to success.“


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