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New VA-10 Poll: Jennifer Wexton 55%-Barbara Trumpstock 43%


More bad news for the Republican hack who votes 98% with Donald Trump, yet falsely claims to be an “independent voice” for VA-10. After November 6, let’s all make sure that VA-10 gets a Congresswoman who will actually represent the PEOPLE of the district, not just the NRA, fossil fuel companies, etc. Here are highlights from the new poll by the WaPo/Schar School. (note: compare this poll to the recent Monmouth Poll, which had Wexton up 7 points among “likely voters” and 11 points among “most committed voters”).

  • Among “Likely Voters,” Jennifer Wexton leads Barbara TRUMPstock by 12 points, 55%-43%. Among Registered Voters, Wexton leads by 11 points, 54%-43%.
  • VA-10 voters hold an UNfavorable opinion of Barbara Comstock, 40%-47%. In contrast, VA-10 voters hold a POSITIVE opinion of Jennifer Wexton, 44%-32%.
  • VA-10 voters HATE Donald Trump, with a majority (54%) STRONGLY disapproving of Cheeto Mussolini. Overall, 35% approve of the sexual predator in the White House, while 61% disapprove. Hence, all the ads emphasizing the fact that Barbara TRUMPstock votes with Trump 98% of the time.
  • Only 33% of VA-10 voters, apparently the Fox “News”-watching contingent, actually thinks things are going in the right direction in this country. The reality-based 60% of the district knows that things are going badly wrong.
  • The issues that VA-10 voters care the most about are the Supreme Court, the economy, immigration, Donald Trump…
  • By a whopping 64%-29% margin, VA-10 voters want STRICTER gun control laws in this country. Looks like Barbara Bumpstock (R-NRA) is not listening to the large majority of her district.
  • 34% of VA-10 voters consider themselves to be “Independent”; 32% Democrats; 29% Republicans.

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