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Video: As Corey Stewart Becomes More Extreme and Irresponsible, Rob Wittman Publicly Declares “I Support Corey Stewart”


Back in late August, the WaPo reported in a story on how several Virginia Republican Congressional candidates have been keeping their distance – at least rhetorically – from Corey Stewart, that Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA01) “recently told conservative radio host John Fredericks that his schedule is too full to include any joint appearances with Stewart while he works to fend off a challenge from Democrat Vangie Williams.” Well, with just 11 days to go until Election Day 2018, it appears that Wittman has dropped the facade, declaring openly at a debate last night (see video, below) that he supports neo-Confederate Corey. What’s fascinating is that, since late August, about the only thing that has changed is that Corey’s become even MORE unhinged, MORE irresponsible, MORE xenophobic, MORE odious and MORE disgraceful (heck, even Corey’s own family members are wondering what happened to him!). Apparently, that must appeal to Rob Wittman.

Of course, for anyone who’s followed Wittman closely, you’d know that he might be more outwardly “moderate” than the incendiary/”vicious” Corey Stewart, but that he votes 90% of the time with Trump, that he’s an anti-reproductive-freedom absolutist, that he’s a climate science denier with a pathetic 3% League of Conservation Voters score in 2017, and that he hangs out with extremists like EW Jackson – where he tells a raving anti-Muslim bigot, “I appreciate your observations and I share your frustration.” So…no, if you’ve followed Wittman’s far-from-illustrious career AT ALL, you should not be surprised that he supports the toxic, odious Corey Stewart. Because, in the end, despite their very different demeanors, Wittman and Stewart are basically two peas in a (rotten) pod.


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