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Video: Democrat Babur Lateef Dominates Prince William County School Board Debate; Republican Opponent “All right wing talking points, no leadership…Perfect running mate for Corey Stewart”


See below for video of last night’s Prince William County School Board debate, which Democrat Babur Lateef dominated. Here are a few tweets by Ben Tribbett, who was at the debate, which give you a feel as to why I say that…

*”Here at tonight’s debate for Prince William County School Board Chairman—- Ds currently hold 5-3 majority and @CoreyStewartVA’s buddy Alison Satterwhite is challenging interim Dem Chair @BaburLateef.”
*”Already Satterwhite is blaming ‘commercial tax base’ for the low teacher pay. Actually she has not been an advocate for the needed funding in 7 years on board.”
*”Meanwhile @BaburLateef helped deliver the first teacher pay increase along with a COLA increase for the first time in 10 years in his time as interim chairman.”
*”Now Satterwhite is talking about advocating for more funding for schools (she hasn’t).”
*”@BaburLateef now talking about his leadership style of no drama, gathering unanimous votes on many issues.”
*”@VoteAlyson bragging about voting against the non discrimination measure in PWC. Perfect running mate for @CoreyStewartVA.”
*”Amazing listening to her ramble about it still being in courts. All right wing talking points, no leadership.”
*”@BaburLateef just have one of the most eloquent answers I have ever heard to a non discrimination question. Will clip it for everyone tonight.”
*”Now @BaburLateef discussing his support for later start times for schools and the benefits students gain from it.”
*”Haha @VoteAlyson now explaining to Dr @BaburLateef about the ‘medical benefit’ on start times but then talks about why she is opposed.”
*”@BaburLateef just said absolutely not on arming teachers. Biggest applause of the night.”
*”After the applause Satterwhite said she hadn’t gotten around to saying it previous debates but she was now also opposed to arming teachers. Funny how that works.”
*”Closing statements now done. If every voter watched this debate I think Lateef would get 90 percent of the vote.”


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