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Video: Panicked Dave Brat Almost Knocks People Over Running Away From College Student Asking Him About His History of Plagiarism


This is pathetic, even by Dave Brat-pathetic-level “standards.” What the student here (see video, below) is asking about is what was reported on October 22 by the WaPo, that Brat’s “academic background is under scrutiny amid revelations that a paper he wrote as a Randolph-Macon College professor borrowed heavily — and exactly — from one co-authored by former Fed chief Ben S. Bernanke.” And what does Brat do when asked a totally legitimate, serious question about his history of plagiarism and whether he would have accepted that type of plagiarism from any of his students when he was a college professor? The response by Brat? Run away! Run away! (seriously, Brat almost runs people down in his absolute panic to get the hell outta there!). Is this the type of person anyone would want as their Congressman?!? If so, why?

P.S. If you want to read Brat’s plagiarized paper, see here and/or below the video. To see where Brat plagiarized from, click here (e.g., “the exaltation of the faculty of reason in the Puritan ethos […] inevitably led to a sympathetic attitude toward those activities that demand the constant application of rigorous reasoning. But again, in contrast to medieval (i.e. Catholic) rationalism, reason is deemed subservient and auxiliary to empiricism. […] It is on this point probably that Puritanism and the scientific temper are in most salient agreement, for the combination of rationalism and empiricism that is so pronounced in the Puritan ethic forms the essence of the spirit of modern science.”).


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