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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Makes the Case for Jennifer Lewis (VA-06) Over Her “Political Operative” Republican Opponent

"At a time when the other side is showing what they think of women, we're nominating women!"


Check out the following video from Breaking Through News: “Virginia U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and Sixth Congressional District Democratic Candidate Jennifer Lewis were guest speakers Sunday at the Rockingham County Democratic Picnic. Kaine told supporters the recent antics of President Donald Trump could push the blue wave across the country. Lewis says it is time for residents who are discouraged about the recent white house controversies to do something by voting democrats into office and encouraging others to vote.”

Sen. Tim Kaine on Jennifer Lewis (VA-06): “Health care’s the #1 issue…how about if health care is the number one issue, tell them to vote for somebody who knows something about health care. I mean, this is her profession, she’s a mental health social worker. She’s running against a guy who’s been nothing but a political operative. Jennifer’s got more in this part of her little finger knowledge about health care than her opponent does. Why wouldn’t you want to have a front-line mental health social worker in Congress?”


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