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Video: Susan Platt Talks to “Motivated Mom” Jennifer Wexton About Finding Her “Roar” and Why She’s Running for Congress


See below for video of Susan Platt talking to Jennifer Wexton about “finding her roar.” Among other things, Wexton talked about the threat to women’s reproductive freedom from Trump/Republicans/Supreme Court; about how her sons are cool with her run for office because they know ” I want to make sure that I create the best world for them going forward and they know how important it is that we you know bring our country back to the values that we believe in”; that Barbara Comstock’s game plan is “attack attack attack, lie…drag me down in order to bring herself up,” but that she’s going to continue “standing up to bullies”; how lying is becoming more acceptable due to Trump and how she’s “going to call it what it is”;  how “inspiring” it is to knock on people’s doors and to be part of “all the energy” out there for positive change; and how she’s running to push back against Trump’s attacks on women, the environment, Muslims, immigrants, the free press, an independent judiciary, the U.S. intelligence community, etc, etc. along with many other “motivated mom[s].” Check it out…and most importantly VOTE in 11/6 for Jennifer Wexton (if you live in VA-10) and every other Democrat on your ballot!


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