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Video: Vangie Williams (D) vs. Rob Wittman (R) Debate in VA-01

"We Deserve Better!"


See below for C-SPAN2 video of the VA-01 debate that just concluded at 8:30 pm, between Democratic nominee Vangie Williams and Rep. Rob Wittman (R), at the University of Mary Washington. While Wittman might seem affable and might have a “moderate” manner, it’s clear from his voting record (90% with Trump) and his standard right-wing answers tonight that he’s anything but a moderate. One huge difference between the candidates, of course, is on health care, where neither Wittman nor his party have shown any ability or willingness whatsoever to seriously address the issue. Instead, Wittman voted to weaken the preexisting condition protections in the Affordable Care Act. On climate change, Wittman actually said that we can have a “debate” over how much of it is man-made, even as 99% of climate scientists agree that it’s overwhelmingly man-made. Also note that Wittman said absolutely nothing about transitioning rapidly to a 100% clean energy economy, which of course is absolutely essential to keeping the planet from dangerous climate chaos. Worthless. In the end, Vangie Williams is absolutely correct that “we have to have change” and “we deserve better” than the “rubber stamp” Rob Wittman, who has been in Congress for 11 years and has accomplished basically nothing (other than take a LOT of checks from corporations, PACs, special interests, etc.).

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