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Comstock Ending Campaign Running From (Non-#CultOfTrump) Reporters


If they have a strong case to make to the electorate, candidates seize opportunities to engage with reporters: especially if they are in a tight race fighting for every last vote.

Missing in Action?
Have you seen Barbara?
If so, please report sightings to VA-10 constituents.

On the eve of election day, count me among those surprised that Barbara Comstock (#VA10) seems to be running away from reporters almost as fast as she runs away from constituents.

Here are three examples that came to my attention just this morning:

Wall Street Journal

Prince William Times

Comstock missing in action (Prince William Times)

Notes: Kudos to Prince William Times team for not being caught in “climate silence”, for having one of their fast 5 being a reasonable question re perception as to ability to enact policy to #ActOnClimate. All four of the Democratic Party candidates accurately state that it is possible to enact policy to (help) address climate change while three Republicans get it wrong with “no” answers and Comstock’s “no” (based on her record”) is a revealing “no response”. Regretfully, as opposed to the summary table, the article doesn’t discuss this question and the candidates’ responses.

Scholastic News Kids

Perhaps Comstock is hiding from “not in the bag” journalists due to the opening phrase of this post: “If they have a strong case to make to the electorate.”

Perhaps Comstock (and her team) feared that these journalists, from the WSJ to Scholastic Kids Press Corps, would take the time to

As written elsewhere, it is this author’s belief that Comstock’s support maxes at 35-40 percent of the electorate if voters understand the reality of her record and ideology.

In any event, as Meaghan so eloquently puts it, perhaps reporters are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Comstock “constituent”.



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