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The Climate is Issue Number 1: Vote for Spanberger


by Bert Berlin

I care about everybody having access to affordable health care.

I worry about the unbridled hate filling our country.

I want us to find a solution to gun violence.

I want our air and water to stay clean and get cleaner.

It is important that woman have access to birth control and safe abortions.

We must find ways to reduce our national debt.

We must keep our Social Security and Medicare promise to our elders.
I believe we must find a reasonable solution to immigration.

But, all these issues pale when compared with climate change. It is incontrovertible that our only planet is heating and that human activity contributes to it. It is becoming clearer that unless we act NOW, climate crisis will arrive in as soon as thirty years. I realize that I will be long dead when things get really bad. But my children and grandchildren and your children and grandchildren will have to live on a very unfriendly planet.

I am hopeful because we still have time to act to alleviate (although not eliminate) the effects of climate change. It won’t be easy, and some people will suffer hardship. But climate change is an existential issue for humanity and we must act at the national and international levels.

However, we in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District have a representative named Dave Brat who will NEVER vote for federal action on the climate. In fact, he has supported legislation to block such federal action. As I pointed out some weeks ago, Dave Brat is incapable of acting on climate change.

I’m not writing this to scare you. You should already be plenty scared. If you believe that the Federal Government must start acting on climate change now, you must vote on Tuesday for Abigail Spanberger.

If Dave Brat wins, you lose. Vote Spanberger.


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