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Video: Gene Rossi Discusses Jeff Sessions Dismissal – “Huge Game-Changer…Huge Deal for Two Reasons”


See below for video of Gene Rossi discussing the Jeff Sessions dismissal as Attorney General and Trump’s naming of Matthew G. Whitaker as Acting Attorney General:

“Let me tell you something, the best witness for a prosecution in a case against Donald Trump is the words of Donald Trump and his acts speak for themselves. I gotta say this, I think this [Sessions firing] is a huge game-changer, it’s a huge deal for two reasons. One, if Whitaker smothers the Muller investigation, that is going to cause a second action – a flurry, a flurry of subpoenas from the House committee to have him explain his actions. And number two, also to say what did the president in United States say to you when he asked you to be acting Attorney General. And that conversation could be a death knell for the President of the United States

I ran for lieutenant governor of Virginia, I got my tail kicked. And if anybody from Russia offered to give me information to beat my two opponents, I would have said I’m gonna call the FBI, you are a crook. Let me tell you this right now, I am so disappointed in the US Department of Justice right now because the morale is being decimated. I felt sorry for Jeff Sessions just now when he walked out of that building. I worked in that building for five, six years on the fourth floor and when Gonzalez was the Attorney General I can tell you we had to get Lysol to clean that place out after he left. And that’s why my heart bleeds for the Department of Justice where I worked for almost 30 years.”


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