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Video, Photos from Kenny Boddye for Occoquan District Supervisor’s Kickoff Event Last Night


See below for video and photos of Kenny Boddye for Occoquan District (Prince William County) Supervisor‘s kickoff event last night at Water’s End Brewery in Lake Ridge. According to Kenny, attendees included “Delegate Marcus B. Simon, Raheel Sheikh (running for Coles), LaTonsha “LT” Pridgen 4 Coles Board Supervisor, Margaret Angela Franklin for Woodbridge, Ann Wheeler for Chair, Prince William County, Joshua King (running for Sheriff), Yasmine Taeb for State Senate and many others.”

Currently, by the way, the Supervisor in this district is Republican Ruth Anderson. For more on her, check out this article, which talks about how painful it is to watch her “[ask] questions from note cards,” sometimes not even “relevant to the topic or have already been answered, like she’s using a paint-by-numbers template with typos.” The article also mentions Ruth Anderson’s “double-talk approach with commentary to the Prince William Times about Chair Corey Stewart’s recent embrace of Confederate symbols in his campaign for Governor” — “[a]fter noting she agrees with the need to ‘save our history’ even if it includes things about which we’re not proud’, Anderson added: ‘But I do not believe we need to do it in such a manner that it causes division.'”

Finally, note that Occoquan Magisterial District is highly diverse, and also heavily Democratic leaning, with precincts like York (83.5% for Tim Kaine on 11/6/18), Springwoods (74.6% for Kaine), Old Bridge (74.1% for Kaine), Antietam (68.1% for Kaine), Chinn (68.0% for Kaine), Bethel (67.1% for Kaine), Westridge (66.5% for Kaine), Lake Ridge (66.2% for Kaine), Rockledge (65.1% for Kaine), Mohican (63.5% for Kaine),  Lynnwood (62.4% for Kaine), McCoart (51.1% for Kaine),  and Yates Ford (49.1% for Corey Stewart). Time to take this big-time “blue” district back for the Democrats next November…with Kenny Boddye as the new Supervisor and a Democratic-controlled Prince William County Board of Supervisors!

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