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Brutal Takedown of the R**skins in the Washington Post


In today’s Washington Post sports section, there’s this brutal (but very fair and accurate) article on the R**skins which discusses among other things, how Dan Snyder has “in two decades as an NFL owner….achieved something more difficult — driving away one of the more loyal fan bases in professional sports.”

Now personally, I despise this franchise for several reasons: 1) Snyder, who is a horrible person in so many ways, including his clear cutting of old-growth trees along the Potomac River and his $1 million donation to Trump’s inaugural; 2) the team name, which if not outright racist (which I’d argue it most certainly is!), is an utter embarrassment; 3) the fact that Bruce Allen – brother of our old pal George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen is the team’s president (see this article, which argues that the team can’t fire Allen soon enough because of his incompetence in almost every way, and this article, which argues that Allen is “toxic” and that he done crap like “claimed [linebacker Mason] Foster on waivers only days after he was arrested for domestic violence”); 4) the stadium from hell and the fact that the franchise is trying to extort as much as it can out of taxpayers for its new stadium; 5) I could go on all day, but that’s enough for now.

So anyway, as is often the case, the comments section is better than the article itself. Here are a few of my favorite comments (bolding added by me for emphasis) from today’s brutal-but-fair-and-accurate article on the Snyderskins. Enjoy (?).

  • “Absolutely no public funding of any kind for Snyder’s stadium. No public funding for the stadium, the land for the stadium, infrastructure, metro stations or anything else. Nothing. Nada. Zip. If Snyder wants a new stadium he pays for EVERYTHING! Period. Any politician who is stupid enough to propose any public funding or tax incentive for Snyder’s stadium will be toast next election.”
  • “haahahaaa   I nominate this for the Understatement of the Year award: ‘showing troubling foundational cracks.’ Sort of like the Hindenburg showing ‘troubling thermal energy management problems’ while landing in Lakehurst.”
  • “The picture says it all. Little angry man with no one else around walking in a snit. The Danny kills everything he touches and leaves nothing but wreckage, not unlike Trump. The Danny and Trump are very similar in failed ventures, mediocre product, smoke and mirrors and especially blaming EVERYONE else but themselves for their failure. Is it surprising that Danny gave Trump $1M plus for his inaugural, and that special prosecutors are looking into the Trump family’s misuse of inaugural funds used in toto? I guess my point here is that regardless of whether or not you become a rich billionaire, if you are a vindictive, narcissistic and insecure person, you deliver ultimately nothing but misery.
  • “Ah, one other reason they’ve gone downhill:  Snyder continues, CONTINUES to totally ignore the huuuggge problem with the team’s f^rcking NAME!  Old, old miserable racist name. Grow up! Otherwise, you deserve the future oblivion you’re headed for. Mr. Snyder is Clueless.”
  • “The Nationals are a class act with an aggressive ownership group, competitive team, and great stadium. Come join us this summer.”

By the way, the fact that there’s actually such a thing as a “Redskins Pride Caucus” in the Virginia General Assembly is beyond parody. Oh, and any legislator involved in setting up this absurd caucus almost certainly doesn’t deserve to be reelected. Actually, at least two of them – Republicans Jackson Miller and David Ramadan – are no longer in the General Assembly (bye bye!), and hopefully more (e.g., Del. Tim Hugo) will be gone after November 2019. Just gross.


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