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In New Ad, ‘Lobbyist At the Door,’ Clean Virginia Spotlights the $250 Each Year That Dominion Is Overcharging Its Ratepayers

Targeted Ad Will Run on Facebook and Twitter in Key Virginia Legislative Districts


From Clean Virginia, which is hard at work kicking Dominion Energy’s corrupt butts:

Following the release of its groundbreaking report on the “Dominion Tax,” the $250 each year that Dominion is overcharging its ratepayers to cover excess profit and political influence, Clean Virginia is unveiling a new ad it will run in key legislative districts across Virginia. The comedic ad, entitled “Lobbyist At the Door,” spotlights the costs Virginia consumers and businesses are being forced to pay beyond their energy use and delivery, such as lobbying, campaign contributions, executive salaries, and excess profits that would typically be refunded to ratepayers.

The ad follows breaking news Monday that Attorney General Mark Herring, who has already announced his intent to run for Governor in 2021, will reject Dominion campaign contributions going forward. He joins Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax as statewide elected officials who have committed to refusing campaign contributions from state-regulated utility monopolies. Currently 25 members of the General Assembly have made similar commitments to refuse contributions from Dominion and Appalachian Power.

The ad will run as part of a five-figure digital buy and will be targeted to key legislative districts, including both House and Senate Democratic and Republican leadership as well as legislators who have taken significant amounts of Dominion campaign contributions. It will run in the districts of Senators Dick Saslaw, Tommy Norment and Frank Wagner, and Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn, Kirk Cox and Tim Hugo, among others.


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