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The Climate Crisis—We Must Act Now.


Every time somebody posts a photo of some sweet child or grandchild on social media, I feel terribly sad. These innocent young people will live to face the terrible planet we will have left for them. Because we have collectively hidden our heads in the sands, climate change is getting worse and those children will suffer because of it.

All living beings on this planet are traveling at high speed toward a climate disaster cliff. We humans continue to accelerate by pumping more and more carbon into the atmosphere. We are almost at the point that even if we slam on the brakes we will still go over.

Climate change will cause the extinction of many species of animals and plants that will not be able to adapt to changed conditions. I also expect that millions of humans will die of famine, extreme weather, rising sea levels and other climate-related calamities.

We have known of the dangers of climate change for more than 15 years. Yet, we have constantly postponed taking action. We have continually reelected politicians who deny reality. And very few of the good politicians we voted for made climate a campaign issue. 

We must force every politician, at every level of government, to commit to addressing climate change before we vote for them or work hours to get them elected. There simply is NO more significant issue.

What you can do:

1. Get better informed about the climate crisis.

2. Reduce your own consumption of fossil fuels. Drive less. If you have more than one car, use the one that is most fuel efficient. Trade in your gas-guzzler for something more efficient. Make your home one or two degrees cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. Turn off lights when you’re not using them. Pay attention to devices that are “on” all the time even when you’re not using them. Is the convenience of using them by just pushing a button worth the constant waste of electricity.

3. Insist that climate change be an issue in all elections, even at the local level. No matter what their positions on other issues, do not support or vote for any candidate that won’t talk publicly about the climate crisis. Work to make the Democratic Party the climate party.

4. Write letters, make phone calls. Contact the president, your governor, your senators, your representative, the members of your local governing body, your mayor etc. to remind them of the seriousness of climate change. Write to your local news media outlet or newspaper. And, do it over and over.

5. Talk to your relatives, friends and neighbors. Become a crusader for saving our only planet.



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