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Video: “Breaking Through News” Interviews HD-24 Dem Candidate Christian Worth; Special Election on 12/18


What’s coming up in December here in Virginia? Among other things, we’ve got a special election for Virginia House of Delegates on December 18 in HD24 between Democrat Christian Worth (see the interview, below, with “Breaking Through News”) and Republican Ronnie Campbell. The reason for this special election is that there’s a vacancy following the election of Del. Ben Cline (R) to Congress on November 6. Clearly, this is a deep-red district politically speaking (Gillespie won it with 65% of the vote in 2017; Corey Stewart won it with 63% of the vote this year), so it’s definitely a long-shot. Still, if Democrats were to somehow win this seat, we’d be at 50/50 in the Virginia House of Delegates, which would bring us another step closer to taking back the state legislature. So the election definitely matters. As for Christian Worth, here’s what her endorsers have to say about her:

Sen. John Edwards – Worth “is committed to bettering the lives of people in her district and across the Commonwealth. Her rural blueprint platform is founded in real solutions, from expanding access to healthcare to building an affordable broadband infrastructure that serves everyone.”

Sen. Creigh Deeds – “Christian Worth is smart and focused. She has exactly the skill set we need for an effective legislator from western Virginia. If we are to continue to be able to effectively shape policy that benefits our region, we need legislators who are willing to do the thoughtful and hard work with other people to get results. Christian Worth will be that kind of legislator.’

Del. Sam Rasoul – “Christian will bring the same tireless work ethic to her own campaign for the 24th House of Delegates District as she has in supporting Jennifer Lewis, Tim Kaine, and other Democratic candidates through local organizing, canvassing, and Get Out of Vote efforts. Christian’s Rural Blueprint platform shows she is already listening to her community and will advocate for their interests.”

As for Republican Ronnie Campbell, he appears to be a standard-issue, anti-government, right-wing Republican in terms of ideology. That’s clearly not what the district’s citizens need, nor is it what the Commonwealth needs more of in Richmond. Which is why we should all be rooting for Christian Worth to pull the upset win on December 18!


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