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Audio: Yep, Ben Cline Is Just As Bat*** Crazy As We Thought He’d Be.

Cline rants about Nancy Pelosi & "extremist" Democrats "pushing for open borders" as part of a plot to "replenish their voting base"; suggests Trump do SOTU from a stadium "at the border," etc.


Don’t say you weren’t warned, but yep, Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA06) is as crazy, extreme, dishonest, etc. as many of us thought he’d be if VA-06 voters elected him to Congress. See below, for instance, as Cline ranted and raved insanely on Trumpster radio yesterday, claiming that:

  • First, Cline appears to agree with the host that Democrats are “pushing for open borders” as part of a nefarious plot to “replenish their voting base.”
  • Cline DEFINITELY agrees that Democrats are supposedly “pandering to the far left,” that supposedly “the Democrat [sic] Party has been hijacked – you could see that in the Sixth District this year, my opponent was a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter, wanted Medicare for All…was not interested in securing the border with a wall.” (factual note: 70% of Americans support Medicare for All, including 52% of Republicans – the people Cline says are “far left” – while the “wall” is opposed by 58% of Americans)
  • Cline bizarrely claims that the only reason freshmen Democrats are refusing to negotiate on Trump’s unpopular, nonsensical “wall” is that they are “too scared” of Nancy Pelosi…including that “she’ll cut off your head before you even feel the pain.” Alrighty…
  • Cline goes completely over the top/off the deep end, sounding like a far-right radio host or whatever, ranting that “Nancy Pelosi can’t  operate a speaker as business as usual and just jet off on her trip with her Democrat [sic] colleagues to go visit the troops and pose for photos while Washington is shut down and the federal government is shut down back here.” WTF??? Is Cline off his meds or what?
  • Cline suggests that Trump consider doing the State of the Union from “the border,” maybe at a “stadium in Arizona or Texas.” LOL
  • Cline claims the concept of a “reasonable freshmen Democrat” is a “near extinct personality,” as they supposedly all ran “to the left and are products of the left.” Again, LOL.
  • Cline vows to have Trump’s back, claims that Trump has stood for the “rule of law” (that’s beyond laughable, of course, as this administration has been almost completely lawless/an assault on the rule of law) and “protection of the American people.” Uhhhh.

Finally, Cline doesn’t disagree as the interview ends with an unhinged rant by the Trumpster host, about how the Democrats are basically evil incarnate: the Democratic Party supposedly “has been usurped by the crackpot wing” (you mean like the Tea Party? LOL), that it’s now supposedly the “party of extremism” (in fact, Dems are in the majority on issue after issue) and supposedly “the party of open borders” (in fact, I’m pretty sure there’s not a single Democratic elected official who favors “open borders”). Of course, not a word of that far-right “fever swamp” crap is even remotely true, but apparently Cline is totally down with it.

Now, I know that VA-06 is a deep-red district, but seriously folks…you had an infinitely better choice last year in Jennifer Lewis, and you’ll likely have that same choice in 2020. Perhaps you might want to consider whether you want your Congressman to be a crazy person?


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