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LIVE Video: Anti-ERA, Republican-Controlled Virginia House Subcommittee Votes on ERA [UPDATE: Killed by Republicans on Party-Line Vote]



  • “So long VAGOP! It was (not) nice knowing you. Party-line 4-2 vote to kill ERA resolution for this year in House P&E Subcommittee, after Chair says ERA is unneeded because ‘God created us equal.'”
  • The more right-wingnut Del. Margaret Ransone speaks, the more the crowd gets (rightfully) angry. Ransone claims “God made us all equal” and that she doesn’t need “words on a piece of paper.” (beyond parody)
  • “’I’m a woman and I’m an elected member of the oldest legislative body. I serve with mostly men, and they embrace me…they come to me and ask me my opinions.’ Chair {laughter heard in crowd}”
  • 8:30 am – “I think the fate of the VAGOP is about to be decided in this House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee. Remember when you fought Medicaid expansion and lost 15 seats? Rinse and repeat.”
  • 8:28 am – Motions to pass the bills (by Del. Mark Sickles) and to “Pass by Indefinitely” (aka, kill) the bills (by Del. Buddy Fowler) are introduced and seconded. Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy notes that 81% of Virginians support ERA ratification, says “we have addressed all of the concerns and the issues.”
  • 8:22 am – “LOL, Chair asks supporters to stand (75% of room stands); then asks opponents to stand (25% stand). Yup, that’s about matching the Virginia population‘s views”
  • 8:13 am – And now, women who oppose equal rights for women spew falsehoods and scary-sounding stuff that IS NOT TRUE. What next, gays who oppose LGBT equality? African Americans against civil rights? Religious minorities against freedom of religion? etc..
  • “Third and final speaker in favor of ERA: ‘I’m a fourth generation Republican, but I do NOT vote against my own self-interest. We are not protesters, we are changemakers. We will not stop until it’s done.'”
  • “Speaker from @VAratifyERA: ‘The ERA will not legalize abortions. Abortions are already legal.'”
  • “The Violence against women Act expired. ‘You know what doesn’t expire? Constitutional amendments.’ @JCarrollFoy ‘Virginia has been in the wrong side of history too many times.'”
  • “We are here because the courts currently treat discrimination based on sex much more leniently than they treat discrimination based on race, national origin or religion.” @JCarrollFoy
  • “.@Sam_Rasoul graciously says men have done enough talking, yields his time speaking on ERA in House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee to @JCarrollFoy.
  • 7:30 am – “Moving on to ERA in House Privileges and Elections Subcommittee. Bills will he heard in a block. Each elected will speak.”
  • “House P&E subcommittee taking up @RipSullivan48 early voting bill HB2709, leaving #VARatifyERA crowd in attendance sitting nervously waiting for ERA bills.”

See below for video of this morning’s meeting of the House Privileges & Elections Subcommittee #1, also known as the place Republicans send good bills – like ratifying the ERA – to die. As VARatifyERA Campaign Coordinator Katie Hornug says, “Passing ERA will not guarantee [House Republicans] keep a majority, but killing it guarantees they lose it.” Or, as Gov. Northam says in the context of Republicans killing most/all gun violence prevention bills – but could apply just as well to the ERA – “If we can’t change people’s minds, we need to change their seats.”  November is coming…

P.S. House Privileges & Elections Subcommittee #1 members are Del. Mark Cole (R-Chair), Del. Margaret Ransone (R), Del. Riley Ingram (R), Del. Buddy Fowler (R), Del. John McGuire (R), Del. Mark Sickles (D), Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg (D).


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