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150+ Bryn Mawr School Alumnae Sign Statement of Support for Fellow Alumna, Meredith Watson: “Meredith, we believe you and stand by you”


I just received the following from fellow alumnae of Meredith Watson, who has accused Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of raping her while they were students at Duke University in 2000.

More than 150 alumnae of The Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, Maryland have signed a statement of support for their fellow alumna, Meredith Watson, who has accused Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax and a former Duke basketball player, since named as Corey Maggette, of sexual assault.
Find the statement of support and the list of supporters here:


We are alumnae of The Bryn Mawr School, an all-girls school in Baltimore, Maryland, and we are writing in support of Meredith Watson, a fellow Bryn Mawr graduate.

We can only imagine how hard it was to come forward, and we are in awe of her bravery. Meredith deserves to tell her story, one that remains common and likely under-reported across the country, free from the character attacks that so often discourage women from speaking openly and honestly about assault. Like all victims, she deserves to be heard and listened to, and to see appropriate actions taken.

We hope Meredith stepping forward brings renewed focus to the way universities and law enforcement respond to sexual offenses and, perhaps more significantly, how society teaches men to understand consent.

Meredith attended Bryn Mawr for 13 years, and many of us shared our entire childhoods with her. We knew and know her to be warm, and smart, and confident in all the best ways. She was, and will forever be, our dear friend.

Bryn Mawr’s motto is ex solo ad solem meaning “from the earth to the sun.” It symbolizes a mind opening to truth and wisdom, the way a flower opens to the sun. Only by truly listening and responding to the experiences of women like Meredith can we understand how to make universities safer, more just places, and allow women to lead lives true to themselves without fear of sexual exploitation.

If we are to foster a true culture of support for women and for all victims of sexual assault, we must be willing to make the time and space to listen and act as necessary.

Meredith, we believe you and stand by you.


The Bryn Mawr School Alumnae in Support of Meredith Watson

Emily Perschetz, 1997
Anjanette Wiggins, 1997
Patti Jefferson, 1997
Joelle Novey, 1997
Dawn Marek Doucette, 1997
Alison Calhoun, 1997
Anita Israel Pelley, 1997
Stephanie Nelson, 1997
Laura Clark (DeLano), 1997
Honey Freilich, 1997
Laura Joy Lattman, 1997
Rebecca Hatch Downey, 1991-1994
Kate Barrett Gallery, 1997
Sara Batterton, 1997
Sara Nelson Goertel, 1994
Erica Rigby, 1999
Emily Pollinger Weissmueller, 1997
Kate Christensen Corzine, 1997
Lisa Siriporn, 1997
Annie Lyon, 1997
Ann Baum, 1997
Adina Katz, 2000
Yasmin Zerhouni, 1997
Maia Hurley, 1997
Asante Campbell, 2017
Jazz Harrison, 2007
Sarah Bond, 2014
Suzanne (Bealefeld) Thorpe, 1997
Keelan F. Diana, 1997
Adia Cullors, 2017
Sara Jenkins, 1997
Teresa Surichamorn, 1997
Brooke Rodgers, 1997
Jennifer Sheff Yeagle, 1997
Allison Sheff Bruns, 2002
Jennifer Nelson Ray, 2001
Tayler Littlejohn, 2014
Lisa Frank, 1997
Hilary Harp Falk, 1997
Derrica (McCullers) Lane, 1999
Rhonda Wright, 1995
Melissa Barber, 1997
Joi (Turner) Aybar, 1995
Tolley Sink, 1997
Tameika Lunn-Exinor, 1995
Jennifer Payne, 1996
Jennifer Brant, 1997
Tyson Whelchel, 2002
Rachel Perschetz, 1999
Leighton King Wheeler, 1969
Gailor Large, 1997
Karen Cichocki, 1997
Lisa Miyasaki, 1997
Sara Leiter, 1997
Kate Hammond, 1997
Brooke Di Lauro, 1995
Sarah Chapin Gross, 1996
Lauren Crabtree, 1995
Alicia Leibowitz Bickoff, 2000
Janice Lam, 1996
Alice Baum Levin, 1995
Jennie Daley, 1995
Margaret Buck Holland, 1995
Michelle Crispino, 1995
Kirsten Frank, 1995
Sarah Hsiao HuYoung, 1998
Molly Ness, 1995
Julie Lin, 1997
Corinne Funk Hammons, 1993
Nina Festa, 1998
Lara Haskins Meersman, 1997
Emily Werthman, 1999
Jessica Cahn, 2018
Daryl Browning, 1989
Sarah Baum, 2001
Marina Butler, 2012
Elizabeth (Kaplan) Small, 2005
Margaret Comer, 2008
Cecilia Depman, 2011
Anne Howard Dechter, 2000
Beverly B. Davis, 1962
Rachel Riedner, 1985
Mona Shah, 1997
Katharine Lyon, 2008
Hannah Klarner, 2009
Mattie Rogers, 1991
Anna Hall, 1998
Nina Casgar Anderson, 1996
Mary (“Molly”) Tucker, 2016
Jesse Arnold, 1998
Brittany Clapp, 2009
Ginna Novak Roberts, 1999
Amy Moran Durocher, 1989
Sarah Morrow O’Brien, 1999
Martha Davis, 2005
Anika Rutah, 2014
Ellen E. Dew, 2001
Erica Schroeder McConnell, 1999
Susannah Richter Santee, 1998
Dominique Tamburrino, 1999
Robin Coleman Goldstein, 1997
Tara Van De Mark, 1999
Thao La, 1985
Poornima Vanguri, 2001
Jeannette E. Miller, 1993
Jackie Krieger Katsman, 1991
Sidra Siddiqi Yar-Khan, 2001
Madhur Bansal, 2001
April Riedner Gamble, 1986
Cindy Limawararut Gunja, 1996
Nabila Rahman
Molly Hayes, 1985-1988
Hannah Lowe, 2001
Megan Bishop, 1999
Sarah Keogh, 1998
Sabrina Khan, 2001
Janet Sale, 2006
Katharine Dudley, 2000
Lily Farrow, 2007
Meredith Dunbar, 2007
Jennifer M. Coughlin, 1997
Jenn Batterton, 1999
Mary C. Baltazar, 1984
Jessica Smith, 2000
Jen Costanza Shopkorn, 1996
Meagan Perry Occhialini, 2004
Elizabeth Christensen, 2000
Elizabeth Everton, 1998
Iris Bierlein, 2001
Rebecca Haciski, 2000
Jane Steele, 2001
Melanie Smolev, 1992
Jennifer Beall, 1989
Sarah Pearce-Batten, 1997
Zawadi Rucks Ahidiana, 1998
Clarke Williams, 2016
Melissa A. Schaffner, 1980
Bunny Themelis, 2001
Christina Patino Houle, 1997
Nerissa Paglinauan, 1995
Theresa Sherry, 2000
Katie Coyne Humphries, 2000
Kristin Garro, 1995
Katie Purvis Poe, 1992
Jodi Eipper-Mains, 2000
Jessica Graves, 1988
Erica Yim, 2015
Eleanor (Baker) Galarraga, 1999
Stephanie Schoeberlein, 2009
Rebecca Farber, 1997
Maggie DePaulo Kottke, 1994
Julina Ongkasuwan, 1996
Wendy Rosen, Mother 1995 and 1992
Mary Peyton Griffith, 2008
Amelia Mackenzie, 2003
Joanna Stelzer Kueffner, 1995


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