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Video: VA House GOP Kills ERA Ratification for 2019, Won’t Even Allow Floor Vote. We Will Remember in November!


See below for a press release from the VA House Dems, per Virginia House Republicans a few minutes ago killing the ERA for 2019. Also, see below for video of what went down.  Fortunately, we have elections coming up in a few months, and we most certainly will “remember in November!”

We are emailing today to share some truly disappointing news. By refusing to allow the bill to even come to a vote on the floor, House Republicans have blocked the Equal Rights Amendment from being ratified in the United States. 

In times like these, it’s more important than ever to have explicit, concrete language in our Constitution to protect our human rights. The ERA would have stated once and for all, that equality between men and women is a fundamental tenet of our society. 

But although we are disappointed, we’re not giving up. 2019 is an election year here in Virginia. This time next year, when the Democrats have the majority, we will ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Ready to be a part of the team that makes this happen? Stay tuned. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all aspects of the campaign trail. We are more committed than ever to creating a better Virginia for all Virginians. We’re glad we have you on our team!


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