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Despite Opposition from Homophobic Bigots Like Del. Dave LaRock (R), Loudoun County Public School Board Expands Nondiscrimination Policy for LGBTQ Students, Staff


Great news from Loudoun County, despite opposition from homophobic bigots like Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33)! See below for photos, a statement by Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10), and comments by the State Sen. Jennifer Boysko, Equality Loudoun, the Loudoun County Democrats and Del. Danica Roem (D-Manassas). Nice job by everyone who pushed for this!

Congresswoman Wexton on Loudoun County Public Schools’ New Nondiscrimination Policy
In response to the  Loudoun County Public Schools’ new nondiscrimination policy, Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton issued the following statement: 

“I’m proud of the activists and change makers who fought hard to expand protections for LGBTQ students and staff. Everyone, no matter who they love or how they identify, deserves to feel safe in our schools.

“I commend the school board members who voted for equality tonight. We are one step closer to fulfilling that fundamental American promise of a fair and just nation, where we are all equal under the law.”

From Sen. Jennifer Boysko:

“Proud of Willow Woycke as she testifies for the civil rights for LGBTQ kids at the LCSB meeting tonight. Huge crowd here to stand up and speak out for equality!”

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“Pastor Michelle Thomas and Phyllis Randall testifying before the Loudoun County School Board to support all minority students.”
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“At the Loudoun County School Boatd meeting tonight, several people opposing equality are saying the Dillon Rule won’t allow a local school board to make policy on non discrimination. They are mistaken. In 2015, VA Attorney General ruled that local school boards did have such authority; the restrictive Dillon Rule did not block the school board and it could act to protect students, faculty, and staff from sexual-orientation and gender-identity discrimination.”

“You all did it! It passed!”

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“80 speakers at the school board meeting tonight. Thank you to everyone who showed up for us! Still going strong. ?️‍?”
“Here is footage from the last school board meeting when they discussed adding gender identity and sexual orientation to the equal opportunity policy.One school board rep worries we are becoming an asexual society. Another doesn’t know what the untended or intended consequence will be. Another questions the suicide statistics for our LGBTQ.

All school board seats will be up for election this November. Remember how they vote on this policy when you go to the polls on November 5th 2019.”

From the Loudoun County Democrats We commend the school board members who voted to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the non-discrimination policy: Tom Marshall, Brenda Sheridan, Beth Huck, Chris Croll and Joy Maloney. It passed on a 5-4 vote!
From Del. Danica Roem


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