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Retired US Navy Commander, Intelligence Officer Kim Howard Announces Against State Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Dominion Energy)


Great to see a Democratic opponent for Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Dominion Energy), as Wagner represents/epitomizes almost everything wrong with Virginia politics. Also, Kim Howard looks to have a very impressive background (“23 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer…a mom, a retired Navy Commander, and she works at a service-disabled veteran-owned small business”). Finally, note that SD7 is a district won by Ralph Northam in 2017 with 54% of the vote, and by Tim Kaine in 2018 with 56% of the vote. So this is DEFINITELY a winnable race…a big one in our quest to take back control of the Virginia State Senate from Republican misrule!

Kim Howard Announces Bid for Virginia’s 7th Senate District
Retired US Navy Commander Running for Virginia’s 7th Senate District in Virginia Beach and Norfolk

Commander Kim Howard, USN (ret), announced her campaign to run as a Democrat for Virginia’s 7th Senate District with an online video Sunday morning. An official Launch Party is planned for Saturday, February 23rd at Leaping Lizard Cafe on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach from 3:30-4:30 PM. Kim invites all residents of the 7th District and members of the press to attend the Launch Party to learn about her vision for the Commonwealth.

Kim Howard is a mom, a retired Navy Commander, and she works at a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. As an Intelligence Officer on EISENHOWER, she was among the first women to deploy on a combatant ship. After 9-11, she was temporarily assigned to support the FBI’s counter-terrorism efforts during the Salt Lake City Olympics. Kim served in the Pentagon, deployed to the Middle East, to Europe, and to Latin America. She managed Naval Intelligence training operations at Dam Neck and oversaw complex government budgets. “Service before self” is Kim’s driving motto.

Virginia’s 7th Senate District has consistently voted Democrat in the past several election cycles. The district voted 56% for Tim Kaine, 54% for Ralph Northam, and two House of Delegates districts within the 7th Senate District flipped in the last election. The current State Senator, Frank Wagner, did not win the plurality of votes in his home district when he ran for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2017. His support in the 7th district is weak, the district has consistently trended blue, and it is extremely competitive in 2019.

“I’m in this race to serve our veterans and their families, because they were there when we needed them, we need to be there when they need us; to protect our environment, because it will save money if we invest in climate and flooding solutions now instead of waiting for future crisis; and to fight for the resources our schools and teachers need, because I believe in the infinite potential of all children,” Howard said.

More information about Kim and her campaign, including how to volunteer and get engaged, can be found at kim4va.com.

Facebook: facebook.com/KimHowardVA/
Twitter: @KimHowardVA
Instagram: @KimHowardVA


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