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Audio: Anti-Gay Activist Leaves Voicemail with “Advice” (aka, Bigoted Garbage) for Fairfax County School Board Candidate


The following is – as Fairfax County School Board (Providence District) candidate Karl Frisch explains – an “actual email left for [his] campaign.” I Googled the person making the call, and…yikes. For instance, see For the Love of… Hate Mail! (“A fanatical letter writer and anti-gay reparative therapy activist, Sharon writes LGBT writers, bloggers and journalists just to let them know that she thinks they’re emotional wrecks who need help. It’s kind of a compliment, really. You’re not a real activist until you’ve got mail from Sharon.”); Sharon Kass is a prolific hate mail letter writer, who sends anti-gay notes to any LGBT person mentioned in the news.; Hate Mail From Sharon Kass: ‘Zack Ford, Captive of Gay-ness’; Change.org: Stop Sending Hate Mail to LGBT Activists; etc.

So now this person’s contacted Fairfax County School Board Democratic candidate Karl Frisch, who is gay, to give him some “personal advice,” including that “your gay feelings are not innate” but a reaction to “inadequate” “fathering.” She provides some anti-gay “resources” for Frisch, advises him that “it’s so easy to run away” and that he should not “do it [e.g., be who he is!] any more…face it down.” She concludes, “I know what I’m talking about; good luck, bye bye!” Uh…no, lady, you certainly do *not* know what you’re talking about, that’s 100% for sure. The problem is, this stuff isn’t harmless. As Karl Frisch puts it, “Want to know why I’m committed to fighting for LGBTQ kids? So they don’t have to deal with this bigoted garbage.” Well said!

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