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Governor Northam Signs 85 Bills into Law 

Fails to mention that the VAST majority of progressive and enviro legislation was killed by Republicans


The following press release is from Gov. Northam’s office. Note that Gov. Northam does *not* mention the fact that the vast majority of progressive and/or environmental bills this session were killed by Republicans in subcommittee or committee. Also note that the narrative Northam and other Dem legislators are putting out is basically the exact opposite of both reality and also what makes sense politically (which would be to argue that Democrats need to take control of the legislature in the November elections, or Republicans will continue to kill gun violence prevention measures, the ERA, clean energy legislation, expansion of voting rights, etc, etc.). I find it highly exasperating that Dems don’t seem to “get” how to construct and promote a winning narrative…one that also happens to be 100% accurate, by the way, as opposed to the “happy talk b.s” we see from so many of them.

Governor Northam Signs 85 Bills into Law 

~ Newly-approved legislation includes bills to increase tenant protections, expand eligibility for military survivor benefits, and authorize state-operated charging stations for electric vehicles ~ 

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam signed 85 bills into law over the past week.

“The legislation I’ve signed this week will make a real difference in the lives of Virginians. These measures reflect my administration’s priorities of increased access to affordable housing, improved voter access, and support for renewable energy. I’m grateful to the General Assembly for passing these important bills, and I look forward to continuing to review legislation over the coming weeks.”

Newly-approved legislation includes the following:

  • Senate Bill 1079/House Bill 2473 (Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr., Delegate Cia Price): Removes exemptions in Virginia’s minimum wage statute for ushers, doormen, concession attendants, and cashiers in theaters.
  • Senate Bill 1667/House Bill 2059 (Senator Rosalyn Dance, Delegate Betsy Carr): Revises the driver’s license suspension process as it relates to child support collection, making it easier for individuals to request a judicial hearing and enter into payment agreements.
  • Senate Bill 1656 (Senator John Cosgrove): Expands the Communities of Opportunity Tax Credit to the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News metro area, providing increased tax incentives for landlords who participate in a housing choice voucher program in low-income areas. Governor Northam previously signed House Bill 1681 (Delegate Jay Jones).
  • Senate Bill 1173 (Senator Jeremy McPike): Extends the benefits of the Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program to the families of veterans with at least a 90 percent permanent disability that is a result of any service activity, not just combat. Identical bill House Bill 2685 (Delegate Luke Torian) has not yet been acted on.
  • House Bill 1790 (Delegate Paul Krizek): Ensures absentee voters can cast their ballots if they are in line at the time the absentee location closes.
  • House Bill 1934 (Delegate David Bulova): Authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of General Services to operate electric vehicle charging stations on agency property.
  • House Bill 1916 (Delegate David Yancey): Codifies current Department of Human Resource Management guidance requiring state agencies provide break time and private areas for nursing mothers. This bill was previously carried by Delegate Delores McQuinn.
  • House Bill 1923 (Delegate Jeff Bourne): Allows tenants to seek reimbursement of attorney’s fees if they are successful in suing or defending against a landlord who has not kept the property in habitable condition.

A full list of Governor’s bills signed into law is available here.


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