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Video, Highlights: Rep. Jennifer Wexton’s First Town Hall; So Nice to Have a Representative Who’s Not Afraid to Meet with Voters!


See below for video from Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) from earlier today: “Over 250 people came to my first town hall—thank you for showing up, VA-10! From climate change to health care, I need to hear directly from you. ‬Your voice is what makes the difference, and I’m honored to represent you in Congress.‬”

Isn’t it great, by the way, to have a *real* representative who actually reflects the views of her district and isn’t afraid to meet with voters (as Barbara Comstock clearly was).

As for what was said at the town hall, see below the video.

From the WaPo’s Dave Weigel’s Twitter feed

  • “Definitely the first time I’ve heard this Q: A frustrated-sounding constituent (who video records the exchange and leaves right after) asks why Wexton is hanging a transgender flag instead of a POW flag outside her office. Wexton says it’s a ‘community that’s under attack and needs our support.’ What she does not say, but could, is that she has a transgender kid in the family, who was invited to House swearing-in day. One of those moments where you see the culture clash in full color. You could tell this constituent — jaw clenched, storming out afterward — was genuinely offended that Wexton was not flying a POW flag, and he overstated the # of POWS (1,589) by a factor of 10.”
  • “I’m at Rep. Jennifer Wexton’s first town hall. One constituent criticizes Ds as ‘puppets’ for Pelosi during SOTU. Wexton: ‘When [Trump] said he’d make an unprecedented investment in child cancer research, I was proud to stand up and applaud. But his budget doesn’t do that.'”

From Rep. Wexton’s Twitter feed (including retweets):

From Hassan For Virginia:

“My question for Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton at her first town hall: In the wake of New Zealand, what can we do to stand together to relegate white nationalism to the dustbin of history where it belongs?”


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