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Video: Sen. Kaine Correctly Points Out That Trump Uses Similar Language (e.g, “Invaders”) to New Zealand Shooter

"That kind of language [by Trump]...is hurtful and dangerous and it tends to incite violence"


See below for video of Sen. Tim Kaine this morning talking about white supremacism being on the rise, the need to confront it, and Donald Trump refusing to call it out. I agree 100% with Kaine and am proud that he’s my U.S. Senator!

“When you see church shootings in Charleston, a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, you see this hate-filled manifesto of the shooter in New Zealand who was murdering Muslims, we have to confront the fact there is a rise in white supremacy, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim attitudes. The president uses language often that’s very similar to the language used by these bigots and racists. And if he’s not going to call it out, then other leaders have to do more to call it out, and I certainly will...The president is using language that emboldens them…at the same time he was tweeting out yesterday his support for the family members in New Zealand, and that was appropriate, he was vetoing the Senate’s rejection of his emergency declaration from Thursday. And he used the word ‘invaders’ to characterize people coming to the nation’s southern borders. Which was exactly the same phrase that the shooter in New Zealand used to characterize the Muslims he was attacking. That kind of language, from the person who probably has the loudest microphone on the planet Earth, is hurtful and dangerous and it tends to incite violence. That’s not what the president should do; you have to call out white supremacy, not minimize it, not say there’s good people on both sides, and that’s what was so discouraging about his comments about the shooting…”


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