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Virginia’s AES offers solar+storage for 8 cents/kWh


Virginia’s AES Corporation has offered solar plus storage at 8 cents/kWh in Hawaii, and could likely beat that price for Virginia.

Meanwhile, Dominion’s latest plan “overlooks energy storage in favor of gas peakers,” as reported by Greentech Media.

Dominion, please sit down and talk with AES–they’re just up the road in Arlington.

And be sure to drive a better bargain for Virginia than Hawaii’s 8 cents/kWh for solar plus 4-hour battery storage.  That should be easy, because Hawaii’s capacity factor for solar generation for 2017 was 22%, while Virginia’s was higher at 27%, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Plus, AES is right here in Virginia, while Hawaii is 4,700 miles away.


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