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Video: “Indivisible Winchester” Interview with HD33 Dem Nominee Mavis Taintor

It's astounding how much better off we'd all be if we replaced right-wing nutjobs like Del. Dave LaRock with progressives like Mavis Taintor!


Watching this interview (see video, below) by “Indivisible Winchester” of Virginia House of Delegates Democratic nominee Mavis Taintor, it just kept striking me over and over again how much better off Virginia would be if we could replace right-wing nutjobs and bigots like incumbent Del. Dave LaRock (HD33; 54% Gillespie district – Loudoun, Frederick, Clarke Counties) with pragmatic progressives and environmentalists like Taintor. On issue after issue — gun violence prevention, environmental protection, ERA ratification, non-partisan redistricting, the corrupt “Virginia Way,” affordable health care for all Virginians, affordable/high-quality education, etc. –  LaRock is both wildly wrong and out of the mainstream, while Taintor is the opposite. So yeah, districts like HD33 lean “red,” but in this case I believe it’s winnable, given the fact that the incumbent is a far-right-wing, wildly-out-of-the-mainstream Republican – truly one of the worst, most embarrassing members of the Virginia House of Delegates – and that Taintor would be a FAR better delegate for her district. Let’s see if we can “flip” this one from “red” to “blue” this November!


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