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Working America Commits $500,000 to Launch High-Impact Outreach Campaign Ahead of 2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections


From Working America:

Working America Commits $500,000 to Launch High-Impact Outreach Campaign Ahead of 2019 Virginia State Legislature Elections

Face to face engagement and digital outreach will focus on supporting a working families agenda and investing in public education

WASHINGTON, DC – Working America, the 3-million-member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has committed $500,000 to launch a high-powered field organizing and innovative digital communications campaign in Virginia through Labor Day. Using face-to-face outreach, Working America will mobilize working Virginians around a working families agenda, including increased investment in the state’s public education system.“There’s a lot at stake for working-class Virginians in 2019,” said Matt Morrison, the executive director of Working America. “That’s why Working America has started to build relationships with Virginians now. Our model of meeting people on their doorsteps and listening to their concerns helps mobilize members to make their voices heard and hold politicians accountable on issues that matter.”

With almost 100,000 members across Virginia’s 95 counties, Working America has been active in the commonwealth for close to 15 years. In that time, Working America has helped push for the Affordable Care Act, won 15 races and developed particular expertise mobilizing working-class voters.

“There’s a real opportunity in Virginia to advance a progressive agenda that supports working people,” said Doris Crouse-Mays, president of the Virginia AFL-CIO. “Time and time again, Working America has demonstrated that it not only knows how to reach voters needed to win elections, but has the firepower to organize and mobilize people who are pro-labor and who back unions.”

In 2017, Working America marshaled an evidence-based field program in southwest Virginia, holding more than 16,000 conversations with persuadable working-class, swing voters of all backgrounds. After helping Democrats win the governor and lieutenant governor races that year, Working America mobilized members to hold GOP representatives accountable and pass Medicaid expansion in the state.

Working America’s organizers have kicked-off this year’s efforts with a long-term listening project, holding in-depth conversations with working Virginians to gather information about their top issues, their source of news, and who they see in public life as acting in their best interest.

Since 2003, Working America has mobilized working people who don’t have the benefit of a union at work to fight for good jobs and a fair economy. As the 3-million member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, we unite working people in urban and suburban communities around a shared economic agenda. For more information, visit www.WorkingAmerica.org.


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