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Ahead of An Historic Special Election, Prince William Republicans Go Ugly


by Kenny Boddye

In less than a week from today, Prince William County (VA) will be holding a Special Election to fill a vacancy left behind by legendary County Board Member John Jenkins.The Democrat running is Victor Angry, who would become the first African American to be elected to the board in our county’s nearly three-hundred year history if we wins on Tuesday.

Instead of running on their ideas or vision, however, Prince William County Republicans have gone back to their Corey Stewart roots, mudslinging at Democrats — including myself — with fear-mongering, smears, and straight up lies:

Lovely crowd. Glad to see I’m being smeared without even being elected yet.

As you can see from the above, Republican trolls have resulted to hard-right talking points when it comes to their anti-choice agenda. We also apparently have churches in our county that are literally preaching hate, intolerance and political propaganda. I wish I could say it surprises me; it doesn’t.

Couple these attacks with the fact that it was reported last week that Trump & Pence are targeting Virginia, and you know we’ve got them worried.

As they continue their nonsensical war on women’s health, we’ll continue talking about issues that impact people’s daily lives — school funding, housing, roads, jobs, and services for the most vulnerable among us.

But we need your help to continue getting our message out there.

A contribution toward my campaign would be much appreciated!

…and, on that note…

Please donate to Victor Angry so we can win on Tuesday. If you know anyone that lives in the Neabsco District of Prince William County (Dale City), make sure they know they have to vote.

Chip in toward Hala Ayala’s re-election campaign so she can fight back.

More than ever before, we need all hands on deck to not only protect the progress we’ve made here in Virginia, but move the ball forward to we can win majorities in both houses and on our county board.

Update: Yesterday when I posted this article, I indicated that a donation to my campaign would benefit both Victor Angry & Hala Ayala. While I still stand by my commitment to assisting both candidates, I understand that my indication may have been misleading.

I have since edited the article and I apologize for misleading anyone. The article in its original form includes links to both other candidates’ donation pages, and I encourage you to donate to them directly.


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