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Governor Northam Announces Launch of ConserveVirginia

Which is fine; the problem is that in the meantime, pipeline projects which are the equivalent of 45 new coal-fired power plants are still alive and kicking.


As with everything the Northam administration announces on the environmental front, part of me feels like even if it’s good in and of itself, the “elephants in the room” are the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline, which are the equivalent of 45 (!!!) new coal-fired power plants, and as such basically subsume/swamp this administration’s work at protecting the environment. It’s like this administration protects the environment with one hand, while trashing it with the other. Confusing.

With that…here’s the latest.

Governor Northam Announces Launch of ConserveVirginia

~ New data-driven approach features living “smart map” to guide land conservation in Virginia to the highest value conservation lands ~

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam has officially launched ConserveVirginia, Virginia’s first in the nation, data-driven, statewide, land conservation strategy that identifies high value lands and conservation sites across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ConserveVirginia’s living “smart map” is the synthesis of 19 mapped data inputs, divided into six categories, each representing a different overarching conservation value. The categories are: Agriculture & Forestry; Natural Habitat & Ecosystem Diversity; Floodplains & Flooding Resilience; Cultural & Historic Preservation; Scenic Preservation; and Protected Landscapes Resilience. The categories contain more than five million acres of agricultural and forest lands. Outdoor recreation, including access for underserved communities, is a critical component of the strategy and will be a key focus across categories.

“It is time to take a more scientific, data-driven, and accountable approach to land conservation in our Commonwealth—ConserveVirginia is about using the best information we have available to identify our true conservation needs and focus on protecting our limited resources,” said Governor Northam. “When Virginians invest their tax dollars in conservation projects, we have an obligation to ensure those efforts yield the greatest benefits in the most cost-effective manner for the Commonwealth.”

ConserveVirginia identifies 6.3 million acres of high priority conservation areas across the Commonwealth representing the best of each category. These mapped acres will help guide a long-term land conservation strategy for Virginia by serving as a “menu” to guide and inform state land acquisitions, environmental mitigation projects, and Virginia Land Conservation Foundation Grants.

“Virginians deserve a land preservation and conservation strategy that is focused on identifying the highest value conservation lands and the Northam administration is dedicated to ensuring the Commonwealth conserves the best of the best, whether that means the best farms, forests, scenic overlooks, historic sites, or natural areas,” said Secretary of Natural Resources Matthew J. Strickler. “Through this targeted conservation strategy, Virginia can prioritize and invest more wisely.”

The ConserveVirginia map is designed to be updated regularly as new data becomes available and additional resources and protection tools emerge. Similarly, the administration will work to add new data models to the ConserveVirginia map as data and technology allow. For example, future maps will identify high nutrient and sediment load areas in need of conservation and restoration to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay water quality.

“Maintaining vibrant working landscapes is essential to the success of our agriculture and forestry industries in the Commonwealth,”said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring. “It is vitally important to conserve working lands not only for ecological benefits, but also for the economic and social benefits they offer. They are not mutually exclusive, but are interdependent, and land conservation tools such as ConserveVirginia can help us keep land intact and ensure that we have healthy, sustainable forests and farms for future generations.”

Virginia’s first in the nation strategy takes the next step in identifying how and where to achieve the best conservation outcomes, and meets the Governor’s directive announced at the Virginia Land Conservation and Greenways Conference in April 2018 to prioritize the most important lands from a statewide perspective, direct limited resources toward those areas, and measure the progress we make toward achieving multiple conservation goals.

To explore the ConserveVirginia map and online tool, click here.


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