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He’s Just a Genie in a Bottle…Virginia State Sen. Bill DeSteph (R) Wore Costume with “Rub Me” Lamp “Protruding from Crotch”


By Kenny Boddye; crossposted from DailyKos Diary written by contributor ZenTrainer

State Senator attended fundraiser in genie costume that said “Rub Me” on lamp protruding from crotch, the American Ledger reports. April 5th, 2019

Bill DeSteph, R, incumbent VA SD-8 partying like it’s 2008


Sure, it was 11 years ago, but this is Virginia, so 11 years is recent. I’ve been told that it’s just a “silly costume” and no one will care.

I’m going to take a wild guess, in fact I would bet that there are a whole bunch of women voters who might care. This is VA and this was a sitting city council member dressed in an erection; at a fundraiser for a children’s shelter and he was in his 40’s at the time.

He’s running as the Republican incumbent in Virginia’s 8th state senate district, and this election the women (and the men) have a choice; they can pick a great female Navy Veteran or the “gentleman” in the controversial photo.

Missy Cotter Smasal wants to ratify the ERA when elected to this flippable seat VA SD-8! Let’s help her.

Virginia –  State Senate District 8 – Missy Cotter Smasal

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A few years before the R state senator, Bill DeSteph was dressing up in his totally inappropriate “silly costume”, the Democratic candidate for this race was serving as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy and was deployed aboard the USS Trenton (LPD-14) during Operation Enduring Freedom. She wore a different sort of costume uniform…


Missy’s military career began with a Naval ROTC scholarship to Villanova University, where she graduated with honors in 2000.

After completing active duty, she earned a master’s degree from Old Dominion University, and completed the Distance Education Command and Staff Program with the Naval War College.

Wait let’s see that Republican, Bill DeSteph’s picture again…

Yep. Here it is. This really shouldn’t be a tough decision at all.

You can see here at VPAP how the 8th district is edging more and more blue. You can also see the fundraising disparity between these two candidates. Please remember that Virginia has NO limits on campaign donations, not even from out of state. So by all means…



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