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Video: No Mountain Valley Pipeline – From a Grandfather’s Heart (Scott Ziemer)


Powerful video from Water Is Life. Protect It. and “69 year old Scott Ziemer,” who “explains his emotional journey from a moment of awakening at age 10 to his present stand 50′ aloft where he has joined Appalachians Against Pipelines‘ aerial blockade of the Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline in Elliston, VA.” Impressive; thank you for this, Scott Ziemer!

In this video (text below), 69 year old, Scott Ziemer explains his emotional journey from a moment of awakening at age 10 to his present stand 50′ aloft where he has joined Appalachians Against Pipelines’ aerial blockade of the Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline in Elliston, VA.

To support Appalachians Against Pipelines go here: bit.ly/supportmvpresistance

As a resident of Albemarle County and a Virginia resident for 59 years, Mr. Ziemer’s home is closer to the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which he has worked to resist for many years. He has chosen to make his stand with the communities of SW Virginia as an act of solidarity with all Virginia rural communities, especially those currently being actively harmed by MVP construction. In this sense of solidarity and urgency, Mr. Ziemer represents many from the ACP resistance community.

Mr. Ziemer states, “I am passionate about nature and the health of the world we humans share with all other living creatures.

I have worked outside almost my entire life. First as a carpenter, then as a builder and facilitator of ropes courses, next as an arborist, then as an owner of an outdoor adventure business and now as a sailing instructor. As someone who has to watch the weather carefully to make a living I have experienced the slow but steady changes of weather patterns and seasonal shifts. As a careful observer of wildlife I have noticed fewer insects and birds.

I feel these observable earth changes have been caused by our addiction to the burning of fossil fuels and the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. I have written letters to the editors. I have lobbied my representatives in Richmond. I have attended meetings, joined and created groups, gone to rallies and protests all in an attempt to raise awareness about the looming climate crisis.

Now I have decided to take another action to help raise awareness about the urgency of addressing climate change. By occupying a tree sit in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline I am adding my voice to those who are trying to slow down and stop the burning of fossil fuels that are the primary cause of climate change.”

My Heart’s Story

When I was10 years old my father, a Naval Aviator, was transferred to Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach VA. And so our family moved to Norfolk.

One sunny day my mother asked me to go outside and spray insecticide on Japanese Beetles that were infesting the rose bushes in the back yard. With poison spray in hand I went about my task. The beetles flew off after being sprayed probably to die somewhere else. Then a flash of movement in the center of the bush caught my eye and wondering what it was I put my face right down into a break in the foliage and peered inside.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw another world. A beautiful complex tangle of branches and leaves, dappled sunlight, spider webs, bugs and, in the center of the bush, a bird’s nest. In it four baby birds, their necks outstretched, opened their mouths wide. So small. The parents leaving must have been what caught my eye.

At that moment a realization sweep over me. The poison I was spraying could not be aimed at a single creature. My heart opened up with pain and a new vision of my backyard as a web of life. Knowing the interconnectedness of life stays in my heart even to this day.

And this day. 59 years later on Friday, March 15, 2019 I stood at the Free Speech Wall in downtown Charlottesville Virginia to support my step grand daughters and hundreds of other children striking for the climate. As I watched this event, organized locally by an 11year old girl, I felt the rush of interconnectedness flow over me again. These young people are the baby birds of my youth. They are standing up, some with notes in hand, some speaking from their hearts, pleading for the adults in power to stop making excuses, stop delaying, and get to work to address climate change. All of our futures hang in the balance but they are the baby birds, they don’t control their world, adults do.

This climate crisis was created mostly within one generation. If we start making decisions with the futures of these children in mind, we might avoid the worst of it. We all need to do some soul searching, and take action, not later NOW!

It is my turn to take a stand, to let these children know that I hear them and will do all that I can to amplify their cries for sanity. I have decided to occupy a tree sit blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline, MVP. I am humbly joining this great international movement to keep unnecessary fossil fuels in the ground. I am also protesting the illegal seizure of property by eminent domain for private gain for both the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the MVP.

For more information and to donate contact Appalachians Against Pipelines on their Facebook page. Become as active as you can with your busy life, then do something more, you won’t regret it.

Scott Ziemer


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