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Analysis of HD10, Perhaps the Most Crucial Seat Virginia House Dems Need to Defend in 2019


The following analysis, from Virginia political guru Chaz Nuttycombe, is for what is perhaps *the* most competitive, crucial seat for Virginia House Democrats to defend this cycle: HD10, which is currently held by Democratic Del. Wendy Gooditis. The district was won by Tim Kaine in 2018 by 57%-41% margin, and also went for Ralph Northam by 9 points (54%-45%) in 2017. Still, in a sprawling, suburban/exurban district like this one, with areas ranging from solid blue (mostly in the eastern parts) to deep red (in the far west, out towards Winchester), it’s really going to come down to who shows up this November. Which is one reason why I agree with Chaz’s analysis, that this is a Toss-Up, and will probably remain a Toss-Up, through November. Check it out…

P.S. To see how bad Randy Minchew is, check out his abysmal Project Vote Smart ratings – a string of zeroes on women’s reproductive freedom, high scores (93%-100%) from the NRA and VCDL, high scores (82%-94%) from the far-right Family Foundation, etc.


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