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Analysis: Virginia HD85 (Virginia Beach) Could Be “Toughest Seat for Democrats to Hold This Year”…So Let’s Focus on Holding It!


See below for analysis of yet another competitive Virginia House of Delegates district by Chaz Nuttycombe, this time of HD85 (Virginia Beach City; 57% Kaine district, 55% Northam district; open seat). For more information on Republican nominee Rocky Holcomb, see Del. Rocky Holcomb (R-VA Beach) Refuses to Disavow Hate Group Leader. For more information on Democratic nominee Alex Askew – who I strongly encourage everyone to support! – see here. In short, Askew would make an infinitely better delegate for HD85 than Holcomb, and it’s most definitely a winnable district for Democrats IMHO (I’m a bit more optimistic than Chaz on this one, although clearly Askew will have to crank up the fundraising from his 1Q19 rate). So let’s win it!

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