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Little Girls – America’s New Sacrificial Lambs

Not on my watch. Never on my watch.


by Beverly Harrison

We have crossed over from exploiting little girls to actively sacrificing them for political gain.

Not yet in Virginia. Not if I can help it.

For far too long Americans have looked the other way when it comes to child sexual abuse. It disgusts and terrifies them. Simultaneously, we’ve sexualized young girls for advertisements, for entertainment, and yes – for some people – their own sexual pleasure.

And as outrageous and upsetting as that is, we let it happen. Our country is more apt to rise up in outrage over a single dead dog in overhead storage than familial rape of our children. Not just girls, either. Our boys are sexually assaulted, too.  Family members account for 34% of the perpetrators.


Now some Americans are actively using the rape of little girls, AND their actual bodies, to advance a specific political agenda.

Not on my watch. Never on my watch.


I am running for a state office in Virginia. My opponent’s record reads like a trail of breadcrumbs to this new abhorrent reality. All the signs are there he will stand arm-in-arm with Bob Thomas to fling open the door and embrace sacrificial politics.  I must fight to defeat Todd Gilbert on November 5.

Join me. We must stop this and we must start now.

In FY16 alone, Child Protective Services agencies substantiated, or found strong evidence to indicate that, 57,329 children were victims of sexual abuse.

I did the math and it shows more than 19,000 children were sexually assaulted by a family member in FY16 alone.

We must act now to protect our girls. Some of them will get pregnant. There is no waiting around to see how things play out. I’m working to ensure that if such a bill ends up in Virginia’s House of Delegates next year, I will be on the floor fighting for our girls.  They need a champion and a protector.  I plan to be that person.

Join me in protecting our children. After posting this viral story a few days ago, I know you care. We have the power to save our girls from from America’s sacrificial altar. We start today.




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