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Video: 2013 Virginia GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee Rants that Pete Buttigieg is a “Marxist,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “can be a waitress,” Dems Want a “Homo-ocracy,” Bernie Sanders “was in love with the Soviet Union”

Also: "We must reelect President Donald Trump...this man loves this country"


Ladies and gentlemen, for your Tuesday entertainment, check out 2013 Virginia GOP Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson’s latest unhinged, bigoted rant. This one’s a real beaut, with Jackson claiming that Dems are “not Americans in the classic sense of the word”; that Pete Buttigieg is a “Marxist”; that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “can be a waitress, maybe”; that the Green New Deal is “totalitarian”; that Democrats want a “homo-ocracy,” a “socialist-ocracy” and a “Communist-ocracy”; and that Democrats are “pushing transgenderism and homosexuality.” Again, recall that this guy was the Virginia Republicans’ nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, as well as a leading candidate for their 2018 U.S. Senate nomination. That really says it all about this off-the-deep-end party.

  • “On Monday May the 20th at 10 a.m. at the National Press Club, I’m hosting a press conference entitled ‘Exposing the Democrats’ Ties to Marxism Socialism and Communism’.”
  • “Folks, I believe our country is under siege right now; Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pete Buttigieg, and a host of others who are fully embracing a Marxist approach to our country.”
  • “We’re being told that our vote doesn’t matter because we’re too stupid to know who should be President of the United States; we’re told that we elected an idiot and we’re idiots for having voted for him and one guy even tweeted and said that we are pieces of you-know-what…These folks are not constitutionalists, they’re not Americans in the classic sense of the word; now I know that they’re American citizens. I’m not saying they’re not, but they don’t love our country they don’t honor and respect our Constitution and it’s institutions.”
  • “You’re seeing that with the Green New Deal; that is a major government takeover of every dimension of human life in this nation. These people are totalitarians…they want total control over you and me our speech our actions and our thoughts.”
  • “I know this may not get me interviews on major media, but it’s important to say Bernie Sanders is a Communist. He’s a communist, folks. I mean he’s had a love affair with Communism for years now; he was in love with the Soviet Union.”
  • “I believe when the American people really understand the violent lurch to the left of the Democrat Party and the degree to which this party has become Marxist and socialists and communists in their thinking, I think the American people are going to turn away from them in droves…We must reelect President Donald Trump. I don’t care what they say about him, this man loves this country, he loves us, his fellow citizens, and he’s fighting every single day to make this nation a better nation and to make our lives better…”
  • We are a Christian culture. I’m not talking about having an official religion; in fact…we don’t want a theocracy, but [Democrats] want a homo-ocracy…a socialist-ocracy, a Communist-ocracy.”
  • “You black Christians out there, you need to quit, you need to quit supporting these people who are pushing transgenderism and homosexuality and socialism and communism are atheistic, they don’t believe in God…they hate the Bible and they hate Christians and we don’t hate anybody.”
  • “I know one thing: in the name of Jesus, [Bernie Sanders] will never be President of the United States, neither will Pete Buttigieg.”
  • “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…can be a waitress maybe, okay, she doesn’t have to be a bartender, she can be a waitress.”

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