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[VIDEO] – Kenny for Occoquan Supervisor: Bridge to a Brighter Future


Three years ago, my mother passed away due to chronic homelessness and substance abuse. Despite being one of the strongest people in my life, she never got the chance to live up to her full potential.

I’m running for Occoquan Supervisor to fight for those without a voice, and to help create the compassionate community where no one else falls through the cracks like my mother did.

I’ve been speaking to our friends and neighbors all throughout the Occoquan District, and it’s clear that they want progress. They want to fund our schools properly, they want to end our traffic crisis, and they want good-paying jobs right here in our community.

We don’t have to be afraid of the future; we can seize it as the phenomenal opportunity it is to build a community that looks after its own.

With just 28 days – exactly 4 weeks – left before Primary Day, I hope you’ll stand with me as we continue this fight for our future.

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